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Stacy Leroy Daniels (1937 - ), a native of Frankfort, Benzie County, MI, and a long-time littorian of Crystal Lake, read the “Tragedy” of Crystal Lake as a young boy. After becoming a professional environmental engineer, he came to wonder more about the uniqueness of Crystal Lake: What caused the lowering of the Lake? Who was Archibald Jones – a scapegoat to be blamed for an ill-conceived project, or a “bootstrap engineer” to be celebrated as a hero?

Dr. Daniels is a hybrid “lakie” and “townie”, and above all, a (water) “shedie”. He was born in Frankfort, MI, 29 Aug 1937, the son of Oscar Lowell Daniels and Mary Jesta Daniels, who moved to town in 1928. His father was the Superintendent of the Frankfort Public Schools for many years. His mother was an English teacher. The original family bluffside cottage on the NW shore of Crystal Lake was built in the early 1930's.

Stacy is married to the former Carol Yvonne (Parker), a retired science teacher. Together, they built a second lakeside cottage in 1980. Their daughter, Julie Lyntha, who swam across Crystal Lake one summer, is married to their son-in-law, Thomas P. Cavanaugh. Both are attorneys specializing in estate planning. Their grandsons, Thomas Daniel, Drew Michael, and Brock Ryan Cavanaugh, are the fifth generation of the family to dip their toes into Crystal Lake.

After his family moved to Midland (MI) in 1944, Dr. Daniels attended Midland High School, and the University of Michigan, where he studied both chemical and environmental engineering. He obtained his PhD in chemical engineering from the U of M in 1967. He was associated with The Dow Chemical Company in Midland, MI, from 1955-1993, where he managed a variety of environmental projects and issues associated with water/wastewater treatment research; health/environmental science; hazardous waste management; and regulatory assessment. He has been a member or chair of several national environmental peer review groups and science advisory committees.

From 1994-2010, he was Director of Research for Ingenuity IEQ, Inc., a small business that markets critical airflow systems and new technologies for improving indoor environmental quality (IEQ). As an Adjunct Professor in Chemical Engineering and in Civil/Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan, he taught courses in water/wastewater treatment, and solid/hazardous waste management. He has authored/coauthored ~ 300 papers, book chapters, presentations, and communications on diverse environmental topics.

As a volunteer professional, Dr. Daniels has been involved with the myriad environments of Crystal Lake since the early 1960’s. He has observed, participated, and directed many independent and cooperative environmental studies concerning the Lake and its Watershed with the ad hoc Committee of the Benzie County Department of Public Works, the Crystal Lake Clean Water Committee, the North Shore Property Owners' Association, the Crystal Lake Watershed Fund (CLWF), and the Crystal Lake Watershed Association (CLWA).

He established the Crystal Lake “Walkabout”, a “hands-on” educational program of observational monitoring and environmental exploring for young adults in 1993 - now offered biannually to all of the 5/6th and 7/8th grade students in Benzie County and to the public. Its Interpretive Manual has evolved both as an Educational Primer for Students and as A Reference Manual for Property Owners and Visitors.

He has served as Committee Chair of Education & Communications and Co-Chair of Water Quality for the Crystal Lake & Watershed Association (CLWA) formed in 2004 upon the merger of the Crystal Lake & Watershed Fund (CLWF) and the Crystal Lake Association (CLA). He has also edited the CLWA newsletter, “Crystal Whitecaps”, and its webpage www.CLWA.us. “The CLWA, together with governmental, academic, and professional partners, develops and supports initiatives for water quality monitoring, septic system control, sustainable development, and land conservancy, through education, for watershed management.”

He has been an active runner in the Crystal Lake Team Marathon, enjoys reading environmental history, and writing serious (and humorous) environmental poetry. His long-time interest in local history motivated him to research the story of Archibald Jones, president of the Benzie County River Improvement Co., and then write the “Comedy” of Crystal Lake. Besides his immediate family, the author is not related to anyone else within the Crystal Lake Watershed or Benzie Co., except perhaps in spirit to his alter ego, Archibald Jones.

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